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Top 10 Trends To Rule the Ecommerce Market in 2018

Are you looking for best 2018 trends to drive traffic to your e-commerce store? If yes, then surely you know that the growth of e-commerce business is baffling. The rules and algorithms of eCommerce change every day, uphold competitive in the market; you need to stay well-versed with the latest trends.

Additionally, previous year has been a great year for e-commerce, as various fresh and striking additions were announced to online businesses. And these technology advancements are proceeding to 2018 in greater levels to generate traffic. An effective eCommerce business strategy is capable of providing you such an ROI that would leave you stunned! Today’s

marketplace is occupied with plenty of such eCommerce development organizations that would help your business to grow and expand in an outstanding manner. However, to stay a step ahead of your competitors and to stand out in the horde, you would need to recognize the current trends in this eCommerce development field. In this post, you will get complete details

about the latest trends that will help you to sweep over the eCommerce industry in 2018.

1. Direct Traffic to the website

    • Do you know direct traffic to website beats out all other traffic sources? Yes, you heard it right. There are 5 different sources of getting web traffic:
    • When a potential customer directly visits your website by typing your URL into the browser is called Direct Traffic.
    • When you get results from the search engines optimization techniques known as Organic Traffic.
    • When users visit other sites and click on your links is called Referral Traffic.
    • Traffic gained via of social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. called as social traffic.
    • Through paid advertising is well known as paid traffic.

The study concludes that brand value is most critical part when it comes to influencing consumers to spend money. But this study doesn’t at all mean you can pay no attention to all other web traffic sources. Keep in mind there is a slight margin in the traffic rate of these sources. They all play an imperative role in enticing consumers in their own manner and provide a good basis for building brand awareness.

2. Inbound marketing

Well, inbound marketing is still the finest method to generate more traffic to the website like it always has been. The main key is to create content that your spectators will love. Great content is yet one of the most friendly ways to fascinate buyers to your eCommerce site. By creating good quality content, you can attract more and more visitors to your site for more than just striking the buy button. It is one of the tested methods to grab the attention of users, offer them something valuable in return for their concern. Social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook offer a pronounced way to get steal the attention of users. If you want them to keep them in a circle, you still have to be maintaining their attention towards your website via entertained and informed content.

3. A rise in Mobile-Based Traffic

The latest survey has shown that that clicks to eCommerce websites by mobile devices have surpassed desktop traffic for the first time. By the year 2020, the traffic of the mobile device would upsurge up to 8 times as compared to desktop devices! If you are running a successful e-commerce website or any retailer website, you undeniably must have to please your mobile users. Avoiding mobile users so is simply ignoring a mainstream of your possible customers. Without any doubt, mobile technology is booming in an evident fashion. The rate of mobile businesses is also growing up following an exponential rate. Hence, it is clear if your eCommerce website is not mobile responsive in nature then it would not grab the attention of right amount of visitors that it should.

4. Live Chat – Marketing Trends 2018

Live chat is yet another significant way to connect with your target audience. Adding live chat feature to your website is like engaging your best salesperson on your online store’s computer-generated floor. This feature allows the potential user to go live chat with one of your best technical salespeople. By simply answering queries they have about your brands/products or services to help them make a buying decision. This platform helps you to assist your customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year.

5. Augmented Reality

If there was something that 2017 brought forward for eCommerce sites then its surely augmented Reality. Well, don’t get confused about this term- Augmented Reality. This is not a rocket science but a fun way to integrate your business brand and products into a graphic design that would be exciting to use in photo and video messages. If you want to create apps that help your customers to see your product in their virtual showroom floor, then augmented reality is certainly a right choice that you can make in your 2018 digital marketing strategy.

6. Influencer marketing a key to business

Influencer marketing is a key to successful business and it will continue to grow throughout the years making it one of the paramount marketing trends. For 2018, most of the businesses will focus on finding accurate influencers on particular marketing platforms to spread their message. The correct influencer marketing strategy is not based on a number of audience as a whole, but rather than having a highly-engaged audience on a particular platform.

7. Voice Search marketing

Usage of various voice search trends like Siri (iOS), Ok Google (Android), and Cortana (Windows) has led to the establishment of a new era of search optimization. To capitalize on this latest marketing trend for 2018, you will need to emphasis on how people talk about your products. What keywords are they using mostly to say rather than to type? What type of questions they likely to ask? To improve voice search, you need to take note of your customers talk about your products/ services. Then, you’ll need to execute these insights into your business’s organic search terms for fruitful results.

8. Same Day Delivery and Return

There are many people who still choose offline stores as compared to web stores due to the spot delivery. The online web store owners must focus on the delivery time of online orders to make more folks buy online products.

Apparently, there are other conducts to upsurge traffic to your e-commerce online store. It is recommended to combine free and paid traffic trends in order to get the most out of your results for your store.

9. Posting to Forums

Posting to forums helps you to generate authenticity among your potential audience and can be a really good way for getting targeted traffic to your pages. Additionally, it’s a good way to generate extra backlinks.

10. Blogging

For selling online, you need to offer customers with informative content. Blogging helps to boost your SEO, drives traffic, increases visibility in search engines, and last but the least generate leads from the potential audience, so, you should never overlook its power anyway.

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Bonus tips to engage an audience to your site:

Apart from all the above-listed trends, there are some tips that would leave a colossal impression on an eCommerce business. Have a look!

a) Pay per click (PPC)

PPC is the most reasonable yet effectual way of advertising to get targeted traffic to your e-commerce website. It will certainly boost your online presence. When done correctly it can be very cost-effective.

b) E-mail Marketing

This is possibly one of the most influential marketing tools available to you. It’s also one of most low-cost tools that you can use to pay attention to the products/services you are offering. One of the significant features of email marketing is that with a conversion tracker you can effortlessly track the conversion rates of your online web store.

Wrap up section

Well, there is no doubt that e-commerce trends are persistently gearing up for improved customer attainment and maintenance. Not switching to these trends, will ultimately result in a serious obstacle for your business. Hence, online web stores must need to update, the latest market trends; and also come up with new pioneering ideas to stay economical in the marketplace. To stay ahead, you need to pay attention to all the mentioned trends and make

sure to explore each trend carefully. The more information you have, the superior analysis you can do for your e-commerce store in this already jam-packed marketplace.

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