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Ecommerce Website

The success of an ecommerce website doesn’t solely depend on the quality of its products, there are a range of other factors at play.

Front end

1. Sign up/Sign in

We have email, Mobile No., and Social Sign up option, to give the maximum ease while signing up we have a wide range of sign up option.

2. Multilingual

The main feature of an ecommerce is to cross all borders, so why should the language be left, sell your products to your clients in their native language, almost all the widely used languages can be integrated.

3. Menu Bar

Get a control of which category you want to display on menu bar, make it relevant to occasions and drive maximum sales.

4. Search Bar

A high sensitive search engine, become the Google of your product type, each letter displays the most relevant product; make your users life easy they would in return make yours.

5. Cart

A High end functioning cart where users can collect all the products that they would like to buy and make the purchase all together.

6. Banner

HD Images with Click to Action button to direct users for sales and promotion activities, manage them with just a click from backend, make your store a sales engine with easy manageable banners from backend.

7. Most Popular Products

Promote selected and high demand products, users can easily navigate to the products page that they see first thing on the site.

8. Deal Zone

Deals are the most attractive part of an ecom store, attract more and more sales with offering deals.

9. Discount

Offer a discount on products in percent and fixed amount; give a reason to your users to buy more and more.

10. Featured Category

Give a new look to your store by changing categories on a regular basis.

11. CMS

As per the SEO point of view, it is important to have come content on every page, this will also help your users to get a relevant understanding of your product.

12. Footer

Give shortcut links to all possible policies to give a clear picture of what you are offering, about your organization, security icons, and social media page links. Store Locator, shipping tracking, returns and other options.

13. Newsletter Signup

Build an email list to target promotional email marketing campaign to make your users repeated buyers.

14. Customer Service

Give an option to users to speak to your customer service team for any concern or query, have a call center setup, this will help your users to believe in you and your store, and get the issues resolved before it becomes a big one, everyone likes to speak to a live person for any query, give your users a liberty to one.

15. Sorting

Give options to your users to get the highest relevance when they try to search products, options like price high to low or low to high, most relevant and other options best suited to your product will help your users to get the results faster.

16. Filter

This is one of the most important feature of an ecommerce site, as your site may have numerous products, filter option would help users to search the highest relevant result.

17. Category Page

A banner with promotional images, subcategory list, product list, deals zone in the particular category, and filters in the left.

18. Breadcrumb navigation

This is a great tool for users to navigate between the product in the category navigation, this is a value add to the users.

19. Product List Page

This is a result page when a search is being performed for a product, all the related search is displayed on a page with options to apply filters to refine the search, thumbnail product image is displayed, product title, cost, option to add the product to favorite, and add to cart, no. of products in the search result, user can navigate to the product detail page by clicking the product list.

20. Product Detail Page

This page will consist of all the details of the product, user can buy the product from here, and see all the exact product description.

21. Product Image

Optimized product image with thumbnail of all the possible views of the product, zoom option to have close look. Option to have video presentation of the product to give the maximum look for an assurance of the user.

22. Pricing

Actual Price striked off with the new discounted price along with the savings that the user has done, clear discount percent and the amount saved will give a positive vibe to your users on the savings that they have done by choosing to buy from your website.

23. Description

A small description along with a detailed description with the specification of the products would help your users to gain the maximum knowledge of the product, this is crucial, more the information and detailed the specification will help your users to buy the product, and will also help in reducing the returns, as user would know what exactly they are ordering.

24. Shipping information

Try to include the free shipping or paid shipping information on the description page, give a space for postal code or city, where users can see if the product is available in there location and when should they expect the delivery.

25. FAQ

Try to include some commonly asked questions, so users can co relate to their query.

26. Reviews and Ratings

users can see the reviews and ratings, this will help other users to make a quick decision, users who have made a purchase and product delivered can have option to give reviews only to get the actual feedback of the product.

27. Related Products

List of products around the selected products is an easy way to provide more options to your users, this helps in increasing sales.

28. Combo Products

A combo offer can easily increase your sales, and give an add on function to your users.

29. Social Sharing

Social media is the most essential way to increase the visibility of the product, having it shared by a user increases the chances of sales.

30. Add to Cart

A single click add to cart button makes it easy for the users to add the products to the cart.

31. Buy Now

A user willing to just buy the product will be happy to see a one click buy button, it will save time of the user and will ensure the user is not deviated while making the purchase decision.

32. Quantity

An option to increase or decrease the product quantity will help users to buy in bulk, give an option of multi pricing system, a user willing to buy products in wholesale can have a wholesale price.

33. Color/Stats

Give an option to your users to select colors, wight, size or any metrics that your products come in, give a multi pricing system depending on the metrics.

34. Different sellers information

For multi seller web stores, if a similar product is added from different sellers the best rate offered product will pop out on the page, and all the sellers rate will be mentioned on the page, users can select the same.

35. Sponsored Products

For multi seller sites, earn by offering paid promotions of the products or stores of the seller, on the home-page, product description, product list, and other areas, banner promotion with CTA to dedicated products.

36. Shopping cart

Users can see all the products added in the cart, apply coupons, see other charges, remove products from the cart, move the products to favoriot, increase or decrease the quantity and proceed to pay.

37. Checkout

Collect the address of delivery and billing, give the exact amount to be paid, apply any shipping if applicable, give payment options, and give a final summary of purchase.

38. Payment Gateway

Give maximum possible options to your users to make the payment, this gives an assurance that no sales should drop because of missing payment options, a Credit/Debit card option should be must, and as per the region try to include the regional payment options, this helps users to relate to the payment security concerns.

39. Email Templates

Emails like order confirmation, payment confirmation, order cancellation, user sign up, promotional emails and other formats, these are must, it helps in keeping the customers informed about the process.

40. User Profile

Images, option to change phone numbers and email address, update delivery/billing address, change profile image.

41. Guest User Checkout

Offer customers to add products to cart to increase sales even if the user is not logged in, with cookies, user would see the products in cart every time they come on the website, as products in cart.

42. Order management

User can see order history, cancel order, return order, reorder, tracking of shipping is also available on order management.

43. Auction

Generate more with auction feature, showcase a minimum purchase amount, a buy price, and an option to enter auction amount, start and end date, and other functions.

44. Blog

A dedicated space to write blogs about your products, this will be used to do content marketing, a social sharing option is a must.

Backend & Admin

1. Dashboard

This will be the main page for all the sections of the Admin, a graphical reporting would be there to show new customers, total sales, total order and so on.

2. Customer Management

A list of all the customers is available here, Admin can check any user details, purchase history and other required data of customers.

3. Category Management

Admin can View, create, and manage all the categories, Subcategory, sub to sub category, and more layered categories can be created, admin can decide right from here, which category should pop up on the home screen & menu bar.

4. Product management

Here Admin can create products, unlimited products can be added, products can be aligned with specific categories and subcategories, product fields are custom, so when ever you feel to change the fields you do not need a developer, add as many fields, make any field as a filter, and take the full control of your product.

5. Banner Management

Get a full control of all the banners on the website, change banners in just a click, and decide a new click to action, increase the possibility of sales by showcasing offers and discounts.

6. Sponsor Ad Management

For marketplace website, earn from giving sponsored positions of products for paid members to promote their product.

7. Pricing management

Under product management, admin can add cost to all the products, change it in just a click, add cost as per the color, sizes or any other metrics.

8. Manage Discount & Coupons

Add discount in percent or fixed amount to any products, change the discount in just a click, create promotional discount coupons, take a full control on no. of times coupon can be used, make certain categories applicable for coupons and offer first time users coupons and several other promotional offerings.

9. Vendor Management

List of Vendors can be viewed, with just one click all the transaction history can be checked from any vendor, can add, suspend or delete any vendor.

10. Order Management

One stop for all order related transactions, new orders, pending orders, out for delivery orders, completed orders, returned orders, Change status of orders from confirmation to packed to shipped to delivered.

11. Auction Management

Create products for auctions, set a Maximum sale price, set a minimum sale price, set start date and end date, see who all had bid, choose the desired bidder and send a one click checkout link on emails.

12. Inventory management

All the products can be viewed from here with the total inventory in the warehouse, inventory history is available, re stock in just a click, benchmark the stock to get notification on low stock items.

13. User Role Management

Admin can create user roles, managers and team members for all the departments.

14. Abandon Cart

Get all the abandon cart information in one place, re-target them through email marketing, this is a must have feature for all ecommerce to increase the sales.

15. Reporting

Generate reports in less than 1 minute, customize reports as per requirements, reports help admin to make strategy for marketing.

16. SEO

Now make your website SEO friendly with dedicated section.

17. Affiliate Marketing

Give a dedicated link to your affiliates to generate more sales, track the visitors., sales and calculate commissions accordingly, give a dashboard to affiliates to see how they are doing.


Our team has put over 100 thousand of hours to work on ecommerce applications and have gathered a huge experience by now, we have worked on almost all the platforms and have collected the most promising and most required features that an eCom store must have, with this feature list, you would know the details of each feature that would do wonders when added to your store, let’s go over them and understand what all features you would require for your store, either you would like to upgrade the features or want to develop from scratch our experts can assist you, let’s chat over a face to face call.

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