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8 must have features crucial for E-commerce site

Are you confused about what features are truly most important for your e-commerce success?

Most of the times when it comes to eCommerce websites features, it’s all about functionality and design.

To know more let’s explore.

There are a number of important features you must have if you’re running an online business and have an eCommerce website. The features mentioned in this write up are standard eCommerce features for successful online stores and shopping cart platforms. E-commerce websites are continuously increasing over the internet. People are getting more and more connected with the World Wide Web to make their living easy and tranquil free. Every website has its own specific design features; an eCommerce website is not different. You cannot dive into an eCommerce business without having an accurate website with all the essential features. For a successful website in addition to a good hosting and a stimulating domain name, your website must have some quality features to grab the attention of the user.

An online user understands the significance of a professional looking website. However, in the age of excess-competition, this is not sufficient.


  1. Ease of Use

The main aim of this feature is to help shoppers get to what they want, quicker and without running into the needless difficulty that can choke up their path to purchase.

Users stay on your site for minutes, if not seconds, to make a purchase. Focus on the user experience by providing absolute shopping filters, categories, and comparison competences. Consider different ways to help buyers to make decisions more speedily.

E-commerce sites should be a viable advantage as an alternative to a worrying experience.


  1. Shopping Cart

Yes, you read it right! Obviously Shopping Cart as it may sound; it is the number one necessity for an eCommerce website. It is to be somehow quite possible to have an eCommerce site without a shopping cart, but eCommerce sites without shopping cart will exactly resemble like a supermarket without counter cash desk. Various online merchants are now challenging with one another in matters of innovative shopping cart technologies. The finest shopping cart makes it stress-free to add or remove products and that too in an efficient manner. Even a user can go back to the store to make alterations or purchase somewhat new.


  1. Wishlist feature

With this feature now you can make it possible for your customers to enhance their dream products on the wish list. This feature will inform them once the price or accessibility status will alter. It’s a pleasant way to generate leads. You can even build loyalty among the customers and promote your gifts and offers during holiday sales trend.


  1. Navigation

You need to plan your site navigation accordingly to help users to find the products they are considering for. This is particularly significant for sites with a huge number of products. There are a number of navigational tools that include narrowing selection by certain standards, such as rate, shade, or rating. This process provides customers a view of their most acquired products and suggested products based on a customer’s requirements.

  1. Phone numbers and online chat

The latest online shopping experience is replacing the old brick and mortar stocks and real-life sales assistants, but individuals still desire for tailored dealings. They choose to speak to a real person in case they want to simplify their queries or something. In this situation, 24×7 customer support services and live chats establish extremely esteemed forms of value-added customer support service. In present days in this competitive world, you just need to have some important features for your eCommerce site if you are actually looking for ample sales. These services guarantee the customer that they can compensate for issues such as late delivery, unapproved billings, returns and much more.

  1. Mobile-Friendly Website

In the previous year, Google declared that mobile-friendly approach is important for the entire website, so it must be done as soon as possible. All websites are compulsory to have a mobile-friendly website version by mid of this year or else the site will suffer the SEO penalties. If this isn’t enough reason, then you must be aware that 1 in 3 online purchases are accomplished on a smartphone. With a responsive eCommerce website, content automatically becomes accustomed to whatever device is retrieving it to provide the approachable user-friendly experience. In spite of the fact still, many sites have not implemented a quick to respond or mobile version feature.

  1. Social Integration

Without any doubt, social media has changed the overall nature of online shopping in an immense way. Consumers are more and more discussing their experiences about various products through social platforms in a vast way, and potential buyers know the significance of such real-life experiences over other marketing arenas. To stay ahead in this competitive world, it’s important for ECommerce websites to join the game, and integrate real-life product evaluations and encouraging thoughts focused on the product. Such evaluations may be through social integration or direct through the links relevant to social media platforms.

  1. User-Generated Reviews

Online reviews are important. The star rating on a product is the integer factor used by consumers to connect with a particular online store. Negative reviews are NOT a sale killer program. The contradictory is truly true. Having bad reviews can often be an optimistic sign. It’s shown that products or services without negative reviews are, in turn, assumed as fake. Depending on functionality, online e-commerce stores can use various plugins.

In today’s extremely competitive world where every single step and every earning and a single penny is a hard challenge. So it is significant to cover all basic requirements and present the best look to the customer. Your business model and plan will determine which features are compulsory now for your business to grow.

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