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5 Reasons to hire an ecommerce development company

Ecommerce has blown up exponentially in the last decade. From being nothing, it has now become a trillion dollar industry. Because of the scope and market expansion of ecommerce, many entrepreneurs try to jump on this bandwagon quite hastily without the help of ecommerce developers and end up losing a lot at the other end of the investment.

And the reason is simple – No expertise in the ecommerce domain.

Creating an account on Shopify is not the first step towards building a successful ecommerce empire. Many aspiring businessmen fall for this and end up losing a lot of money.

Ecommerce developers are in high demand and they’re directly proportional to the expansion of ecommerce business. All the successful ecommerce companies, whether it’s a fortune 500 or a mid-size bootstrap, both rely heavily on ecommerce developers. Because developing a seamless user experience for the visitors requires experience, and knowledge to customize your ecommerce store.

So, before you jump on any bandwagon, here are some reasons for you to consider hiring an ecommerce development company than just doing it all by yourself.

Domain knowledge

ecommerce developers have domain knowledge

The first step in starting an online store is the domain address. This virtual address is significantly important in establishing a brand value among visitors. But the problem with new entrepreneurs is that most of them get it wrong.

Domain registration and name requires a lot of research and knowledge. As the ecommerce market has grown drastically, so has the competition. Determining the name that not only represents your brand but which can also contribute to your marketing endeavors is of paramount significance.

This is where ecommerce development companies make their money. Working and developing hundreds of websites give such companies vast knowledge in the area of domain. All the best ecommerce development companies understand which names work and which names don’t work in the ecommerce world.

So, instead of keeping your domain name by choice, choose it by experience.

Advanced customization

advance customization

Creating quick accounts on Shopify or any other platform for that matter, can give you a place to start your ecommerce journey but is it enough?

If you look at the most successful ecommerce companies, you’ll find one thing in common – customization!

Successful ecommerce companies tend to customize their user experience to offer a seamless experience to their potential buyers right from landing on the website.

So, can you really compete with advanced customization like that?

If you’re serious enough to think about starting an ecommerce business and reading this piece till here, then I am sure you’re in it to win it.

Don’t compromise on customizing your website the way it will get you sales. Touch basing with experience ecommerce developers will give you great insights on how customization can and should be used in order to give an unforgettable experience to your visitors.

Industry standards

ecommerce industry standards

Every ecommerce tycoon either has an in-house team of ecommerce developers or has contracted an ecommerce development company.

So, when every other ecommerce company is getting their online store established by experts, then why not you?

A Forrester report suggests that a seamless User Experience (UX) can increase the conversion rate up to a whopping 400%.

So, hiring an ecommerce development company with a lot of experience and knowledge in building the best user experience has become an industry standard.

Website maintenance

ecommerce website maintenance

This is one of the most important reasons to hire ecommerce developers. Maintaining a website after it’s functioning for some time is crucial.

Imagine if you’re operating your online store all by yourself and certain issues arise that you have no idea how to fix?

In such situations, you would have to hire a developer. But you would need to do it in the middle of your business quarter while your website is down, this can take a toll on your revenue.

So, it’s better to keep a development team always a part of your business plan. Not only they can help in developing your online store but they can also maintain your website and keep technical difficulties away from you and your sales targets.

Saves time & money

ecomm developers save time and money

Even if you start your ecommerce venture by yourself on a self-created Shopify account. At some point, you would need to hire developers to maintain your website.

So, you really can’t run away from it.

Hiring an in-house team will always be more expensive than just contracting a development team. You would have to pay for the salaries, the infrastructure, and all the other operational expenses.

But by hiring an ecommerce development company, you save all that extra cost and get more experience and knowledge into your arsenal.

Summing it up, it can be understood that ecommerce developers are in high demand in the industry because more and more online stores want better customization and UX than their competitors. So, whether you host your own ecommerce store or get it hosted on a platform, sooner or later, you would need the assistance and expertise of ecommerce developers. This is why it’s important to keep experience developers in the loop since the first day of your ecommerce venture.

Do you have any other reason why you hired an ecommerce development company?

Or any reason you did not choose to hire one? Share your experiences below!

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