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Confused about choosing hosting service for your Ecommerce store? Have a look!

CONFUSED! Are you still thinking about whether its eCommerce sites which are undergoing continuous changes or our living standards? It’s safe to say both. Yes, you read it right it wouldn’t be wrong to say that E-commerce sector has certainly changed the way individuals do online business, but it has also transformed the means of living.

Without a wonder, the promising and potential success stories of businesses in the e-commerce industry provoked more businesspersons to try their luck in this rising space. Consequently, it is now more significant than ever to inform them about the significant things that you may ignore.

To start with, the first and primary vital chore is to select a suitable web host for your online store before starting your e-commerce business.

Picking a right web hosting service is a major decision for most of the business owners. There are hundreds of companies that offer you with multiple services and strategies. From shared web hosting services to dedicated ones do you know which one to choose?

In this write-up, we will discuss the entire roundup related to the web and cloud hosting services that are presumed to be the best for eCommerce businesses in 2018, and why we chose them. Here we will focus on pros and cons of various web hosting services, how to handle your finances for web hosting service, and what features to look for while choosing a service from a list of web hosting vendors.

Let’s have a glimpse!

Hosting your Ecommerce Website

If you don’t have much idea about hosting services, then simply read this write up and stay updated with all the information related to these services. Well, hosting is invisible to your clientele, but it’s actually vital for their experience on your site.

Bad hosting can even have the negative impact of a customer so there are low chances of acquiring the sale – a slightly slower page can irritate buyers and will push away a potential customer. Depending on the kind and scope of e-commerce site you are launching up, your financial plan, and your estimated sales, there are a number of hosting choices available to choose from.

1. Shared E-commerce Web Hosting

Sharing a web hosting is one of the intellectual steps if you are new in the business. Shared hosting services costs are minimal and easily affordable. It is the most basic level of hosting offered to you; it may be the correct option for your start-up web store.

Advantages of Shared Hosting:-

. Reasonable cost – The key plus point of shared hosting is that it costs next to nothing when paralleled with other types of available hosting services. This simply means your hosting bill is very low, so you can get your e-commerce store web hosting even at low rates.

. No Maintenance – offers zero maintenance charges as the server is completely managed on your behalf, you don’t need to worry about maintenance and other glitches arising along the way.

Disadvantages of Shared Hosting:-

. Limited Resources – The more effective your website becomes, the more capitals it will require hosting-wise, which will ultimately push you beyond the storage level of shared hosting.

Why choose shared hosting?

In shared hosting your website is hosted together with many other different users on a subdivided server, this technique ultimately divides the total cost of the hosting bill between numerous other users, which is why individuals choose shared hosting as it comes at low cost. However, if your website is gaining any high traffic and sales, you can switch away from shared hosting onto somewhat more considerable.

2. VPS (Virtual Private Server) – E-commerce Web Hosting

Have you heard about VPS web hosting? If not yet, then let me make you clear. This is simply the next step after shared hosting process taken by most of the users.

When your online store starts to drive sales, and you start making serious profit figures, you will want to proceed to something substantial. After your shared hosting at least you need a VPS to deliver a prime experience to your users and a consistent platform for successively running your business.

Advantages of VPS Hosting:-

. Reasonable Than dedicated server – VPS servers don’t cost you high costs as dedicated web hosting services, but they can improve the experience to a large extent. That simply means your customers can enjoy a fast and lag-free online store experience without any high price tags as a dedicated server.

. More Resources – VPS servers offer more resources to your online store, so you can handle better volumes of internet browsing and purchasing. This makes Virtual Private Server solutions best for online stores that are up and running, and particularly for stores that are seeing stable sales grade.

Disadvantages of VPS Hosting:-

. Much more costly Than Shared – Of course, shared hosting offers you all feature at next to nothing rates but VPS solutions are somehow costly hosting solutions, they are more costly than shared plans.

Why choose Virtual Private Server?

VPS hosting is impeccable for those who are running online stores that are starting to see some drive or sites that you genuinely assume to be hit with traffic flow from an initial stage.

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3. Dedicated- E-commerce Server Web Hosting

This is ultimate in web hosting services; the dedicated server is an individual such server with abundant space to host your online store, and any additional web projects you ensure to be running in an efficient manner. The most costly alternative so far is management and maintenance of dedicated servers depending on your preferences.

If you are ready to spend some extra penny, then a dedicated server is an absolute choice as it can handle ample volumes of traffic and offer the quickest possible shopping experience to the user.

Advantages of the dedicated server:-

. Offer maximum control – choosing a dedicated server is just like you’re the only e-commerce store in an area and the individual website on the server for that matter. It’s your individual server, you can do what you want too, and you have all the control over your private space. Virtual Private Server also offers this level of dedication but in the virtual environment, while as a dedicated server is an actual deal, which will offer you with a more trustworthy, robust web hosting service.

. Maximum Resources – without any certainty dedicated servers offer much more server power, so with these resources, you are going to get the solid foundation for your website. Dedicated hosting offers you with maximum power, maximum resources and maximum speed so that you will not miss even a single sales or delay. It will also boost the general consistency of your website, and help distribute the ideal sales experience to give your store a thoughtful chance of attaining scale.

Disadvantages of the dedicated server:-

. Cost – Obviously the cost is the main concern with dedicated web hosting servers, and if anyone is that much capable of affording their own dedicated server, chances are certainly they would.

. Management – Dedicated servers may require complete management for its maintenance, or you have to pay extra for managed servers at a marginally higher cost.

Who Is It For?

In case you have just started an e-commerce store and you don’t have a big budget to play with, then its good choice to go with a VPS or even a shared web hosting plan for the time being.


No doubt! There are various web hosting companies that provide a lot of features that differentiate them from one another. The main chore is to find the right one that suits your business needs the most.

Focus on the most important ingredient of business —- that is user experience; perhaps the most vital that leads to popularity and productivity. If your e-commerce website’s user experience is unstable, you might not result in struggling. Therefore, choose your web hosting wisely that support all the features crucial to the user experience that you have planned.

Lastly, you have to understand that you can only reach the top if your first step is right; or you have the ideal web hosting. If you want to succeed in the competitive market, you have to choose your web hosting provider carefully; otherwise, you are on the drop side from the very start. A place you might want to avoid.

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